Should You Hire An Interior Designer Or A Decorator

If you currently have a renovation project on the go or a new build, you may be getting to the point where you are starting to think about the interior of the building that you are creating. You have an excellent opportunity to decide whether you are going to use the services of an interior designer to set the space of your building apart, or whether you are going to do the design yourself and use the services of a professional decorator to create your dream space. Below is a summary of some of the options that are available to you and you may also enjoy reading some of the information that you can find online.


Hiring An Interior Designer


When you hire the services of an interior designer, they will sit down with you and go through all the options that are available and try and work out your tastes and what it is that you want. Once this stage is complete, you will give them a budget, and they will start the process of creating a unique space within your home. They will not only look at the decorating of the house but will also look at the furnishing as well. Whether they choose to furnish your space with the latest antiques and collectables from LoveAntiques or go for a more modern look will depend on both your tastes and budgets. Many people find that working with interior designers can be frustrating, so it is something that you will need to consider carefully before taking the plunge.


Hiring A Professional Decorator

 One of the benefits of designing the interior of your space yourself and hiring a professional decorator is that you can put your mark on the decorations and make it personal to you. You can also choose the furniture that you like to furnish the space with and ensure that it not only looks great but is also comfortable. A professional decorator will give you advice but ultimately the design is all up to you, and they will follow your instructions. As such, you will need to think about what you want carefully and make sure that you are 100% sure before you ask them to start the job, it could prove to be expensive if you change your mind halfway through the job! However, hiring professionals can be costly, so if you are looking to do things a bit cheaper, then you still have options available to you.


Designing & Decorating Yourself


If seeking the expertise of professionals on decorating is way out of your budget, you can also choose to save money and do both the designing and decorating yourself, which will most assuredly put your mark on the space that you are decorating. Benefits of doing it this way are that you have time to experiment and see what works best before making up your mind. The job will most likely take a little bit longer, but once finished you will also have a sense of achievement which you would not get if someone else did the job for you, and you also get to save money as well! 


For excellent tips and tricks on designing and decorating the interior of your home, you may want to check out some articles you can find online. There are articles that will explain to you how the professionals do it.




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