Sell Your Preloved Clothes Online And Keep 100% of the Sale

I can’t be the only one that has been a massive fan of eBay for a million years, as a buyer and a seller. That being said one thing I hate about EBay is the massive fees they charge for using there platform.

Recently I have ventured into FBA where I send products to Amazon and they store then distribute to the customers when they buy, for that I understand the fees. Having said that it’s no good if you want to sell your preloved clothing.

I’ve recently discovered Vinted where you can sell your preloved items for free and keep 100% off the profit. At the moment they have an amazing offer with Hermes drop off too that you can get postage for just 99p.

Needless to say I’ve been going mad buying and selling. It’s soooooo easy to list, not a million sections to fill in and literally takes seconds from the mobile app.

You even have the option of offer a swap! How amazing is that!

Here’s some items I have for sale, I’m selling super cheap as just want out they way, you get get bundles even cheaper too! If customers buy multiple items you can decide on a discount for that bundle.

I have had endless of bargains off this site for my daughter. Buying new seems pointless to me for 6-12 weeks of wear at the rate she is growing in the early years.

Another awesome feature is the Hermes tracking updates you with when your parcel is posted and when it arrives at the parcel shop for collection. I have my notifications turned on my phone as I get super excited when collection is ready…. maybe as I order so much I forget what’s coming haha.

If you want to make some money selling your old clothes or buy some new bargain clothes Vinted is the place to be!

Using my referral code doesn’t cost you anything but gets me a little bonus to buy more clothes for pops haha. I’m thinking of doing a feature of what Poppy wore from Vinted posts what do you think?

Have you shopped on Vinted before? If not why not lol. If you have drop me your user name and I’ll pop by