Review: Boom25 – Win Back Your Hard Earned Cash

We all know that I love to stretch my money that extra mile. Everyone works hard for their money and I don’t want to part with it too easily.

 I have done every moneymaking thing you can think off whether it Coupons, discount codes, cashback offers, buy one get one free you name it I’ve done it.

Competitions have even been away with making and saving money for me too whether it be to win items I need or to win items to sell on to buy things I need.

This year I have won the entire cost of Christmas from competitions and raffles but if you would like to know more about that I am planning a blog post on it coming up. Let me know your thoughts.

Any how I digress as per usual when I get into something so passionate as finding a great deal lol.

This year I discovered Boom25 and it has changed the way I shop for the better. I can now buy the things I want or need with the possibility of getting it for free. My dream way to shop.

What’s it all about

Boom 25 cashback site Is an amazing shopping site which gives your the chance to win back the entire cost of your order. Free shopping! Who’s gonna say no to that! Not me that’s for sure.

All for simply shopping through there portal. Which I have made a habit of doing every time I shop, and it’s been a success for me,3 times!

How does it work

So how does it work I hear you screaming at your screens.

Simply sign up for a free account, shop as you normally would with over 899 stores to choose from your bound to find everything you need. Then sit back and dream of your purchase arriving and cross your fingers that your the lucky 1 in 25 that wins your order cost back.

I love a cheeky match bet or welcome offer on a weekend when I’m chilling out with a vino so I have a bit of experience with odds and the possibility of winning bets. Let me tell you 1 in 25 is great odds so the chances of winning are in your favour in my eyes.

They even have special boom offers. Take this week for instance, the world is going crazy shopping for Black Friday and Boom25 offered more winners more often. So keep your eyes peeled for special promos that appear.

I also love the smart integration of Bargains it finds you across the retailers it works with. Who knew that I needed to stock pile 45 rolls of toilet paper because it was such a great price. Well I did and I haven’t looked back since haha.


Alot of sites who offer your deals and discount and savings try and give you your money back in points or vouchers which you need to reach a certain threshold to withdraw. Not this site they are fully up to spec and refund cash directly into your PayPal so it’s super accessible. Or if your me, it’s on hand ready to spend again.


If your a lucky winner you will be notified via email with an opportunity to spin a wheel like wheel of fortune lol and it will reveal who the lucky 25th purchaser was and let me tell you when you see your name it doesn’t half cheer you up!

Why not check it out for yourselves, you won’t look back I promise.

I would love to hear if you have won



*** This is a collaboration post but all views are honest and my own***