Planning A Social Distance Birthday Celebration For A 5 Year Old – Party Bags With Partituki

Well little P turned 5 this month, 5 I cannot believe it. All i can say is thank heavens he was born in August so we can have a social distance gathering in the garden other wise how are innocent small children suppose to understand they need to miss a birthday celebration due to a virus that cannot be seen.

Explaining all this to my son has been hard enough without even trying to think about not celebrating his birthday, So I planned a social distanced gathering in the garden.

Quality of Quantity

If I am honest this worked out 100% better than any party could have! We had people popping by the garden all day from 10am-6.30pm so he really had a fun filled day rather than a party which would of lasted a couple of hours and cost hundreds of pounds.

This meant he had a steady stream of gifts all day and actually got to talk to people one by one rather than last year, yes his party was amazing but totally overwhelming. He didn’t know who to play with or what to open next. This year was more chilled and we all really enjoyed it.

Just because we didn’t have a traditional party didn’t mean we were missing anything. We still had cake, balloons, food and most importantly for little visitors party bags.

Got it in the bag

Kids love a party bag when coming to a party, so we wanted to keep that in our theme to give the little ones something to look forward to going home for. After all trips out of the house are minimal these days.

I bought everything individually wrapped for hygiene reasons and even for extra precautions worn gloves when composing them. I have done the whole bits of tat in party bags before and swore I wouldn’t do that again as they just go in the bin and its a waste of money so here is what i included this year.

#1 Punch Ballons These are so much more fun than regular ballons that just get popped after 20 seconds. You can really have some fun with these and annoy the adults with the noise they make haha.

#2 Partituki Crayons and coloring sheets – Rather than giving the kiddies an odd pencil ( which we have been given at many a party) these great little boxes have a selection of coloured pencils, some colouring sheets and even a sharpener. This fab kit even came with some palm tree garland too. Check out this brands range on amazon they have loads of cheap party bag fillers.

#3 Sweets  What party bag would be complete without sweets? I bought a bumper bag of sweets that are meant for a pinata and use them in the bags as It worked out cheaper.

#4 Bubbles What kid doesn’t love bubbles, great outdoor toy too while the weathers good and the lockdown is on.

#5 Mini Rubics Style Cubes – P has recently become obsessed with watching videos of people completing these in record time on youtube so he wanted to get his friends some so they knew what he was talking about when he told them about the videos.

What would you use for your party bags if you had a celebration during lockdown? Check out some of my blogging buddies party planning ideas- Katie has some awesome lego ideas, Vicki does a party with a difference, Tiney Plans a lockdown birthday too, Sonia makes some fab party bags for tweens, Tina did some awesome Harry potter bags – If P see’s these he will want them next year and Lastly Jenny made some eco friendly Non plastic party bag fillers. Plenty of reads for you to go at there if you are struggling guys.