Our Advents for 2017 : Mum, Dad and Son

24 Days of Treats

I love seeing what advents everyone has bought for there countdown to Christmas so I would share with you the ones we have so far if you need some inspiration.

I say so far as I have been hinting hard for a beauty advent for my birthday which is the 7th of December because I would be quite happy with one that just 12 days as I also have a couple that feature in this post too.

For Parker ( Aged 2)

This is the first year that Parker is really getting in to understanding what christmas is all about. So with that in mind he has a few advents because grandparents have purchased them for him too.

Here’s the advents he has:

#1 A paw patrol advent Which has erasers, stamps and stickers in which is all of the things Parker is loving making a mess with at the moment. I think this will take his mind off the fact that he will only get one small chocolate a day. As he won’t understand that bit and will prob just think we are super mean!

#2 A teletubbies chocolate advent- the classic small square of chocolate a day kind, whats not to love he loves “tubbies” Although I am sure this will leave him shouting again again for more chocolate.

#3 Last but by all means least Pokemon 25 chocolate advent- Parker loves Piccachu since a friend bought him a back pack of it- this calendar has a foil effect finish so its quite eye catching.

Dad’s Advent

Not many people know but years ago when our family was going through a tough time before I became a mother and was still a youth myself me and my family attended church. I was just young en and found the service boring so I passed the time working on the fairtrade stall- setting it up and selling the goods.

Since then fairtrade has held a special place in my heard and reminded me of some of those times. All for a great cause this calendar is. So this year Ive got it for Drew. This is available at Waitrose/Oxfam/ Ocado and more.


Mums Advent

I do feel like I have saved the best until last on this one. Like I mentioned I am hoping that someones has treated me to a beauty advent but in the mean time I have this.

Popaball Pimp your prosecco Advent . This is amazinggggggg. It comes with a variety of powders and balls to pimp your prosecco. Turning them into beautiful colours or with balls of flavour popping caviar in the bottom.

I’ve had some samples of these too and I’m sure impressed. I’ve even bought the powders and balls sets for xmas gifts for my gin loving friends.

Have you seen the start of my gift guide posts?




*** This a a collaboration post but all views are honest and my own***