One Night Only

Most people know I worked in an adult entertainment store for 10 years before becoming a parent. Over those years I saw all walks of life and really found an open minded opinion on anything goes.

I found many people can be quiet judgemental about one night stands. So as an open minded individual I wanted to tell you 10 reasons I think one night stands are acceptable

  1. One night stand doesn’t mean you have just met the person your sleeping with. It means you only have the intent of sleeping with them for one time only. You could have a long term friend who you have no desire to have a relationship with but your happy to help each other with a one off sexual favour.
  2. If you are two consenting adults taking precautions against diseases and pregnancy it’s not wrong to explore your fantasies. Everyone’s had a one night stand right?
  3. One night stands can lead to long term committed relationships in the future- after all they say kiss a lot of frogs to meet your prince why not sleep with a lot of guys until you meet your king. You entitle intend may have been for one time only but who knows further down the line.
  4. You can gain experience and new tips from new lovers that you may not have learned elsewhere. There are many kinks and fantasies that people have, some you may not of even heard of until you have been with someone who enjoys that particular fetish.
  5. You can turn a fantasy into a reality with a one night stand, as If the person doesn’t know you inside out (so to speak), so you can pretend to be who ever you want to be
  6. There’s no small talk- generally one night stands are met online or while having a few in your local pub or nightclub. This way you know they have no intention of wanting to know the name of your nanas cat or where your mum was born.
  7. Websites are available such as to assist you with finding a one off sex interest
  8. There is no age limit to a one night stand. Anyone can get involved at any time of life
  9. You can try a sexual partner you wouldn’t normally go for- maybe someone older, more fuller figured or dominating.
  10. Nobody needs to know. One night stands can easily be kept a secret. Unless you want people to know there is no obligation to tell people what your doing. Although I would always advise to follow the advise in my previous blog posts around safety when meeting people you don’t know online.


Be open and honest. If someone is asking you for something your not willing to give or not interested in just tell them. Don’t waste your time or theirs.


Take real photos. No catfish photos needed when your a senior citizen you are going to have lumps and bumps, wrinkles and rolls. Its all part and parcel of the way of live. Super model seniors are few and far between and that is not realistic.


Be safe- Always meet in an open public place and make sure someone knows where you are. Not matter how old you are, safety is key.




*** This is a Collaboration post but all views are honest any my own***