Mid Week Meals In Minutes – Coconut Chicken and Rice Noodles

With life returning to a more new normal way, the kids are back to school and the hubby back to work. So that being said the grind of what to make for lunches and tea’s are back.

I don’t know about you but after a day of school runs and looking after a 5 month old I really don’t fancy standing for hours slaving over a hot stove.

I want meals you can make in minutes

If you told me I could make a healthy, tasty, nutritious meal in 10-15 minutes for the family, I wouldn’t have believed you! But I really have.

Mr Lees Noodles I Love You

I got the chance to try some Mr Lee’s Noodles which I thought would be your basic pot noodle type of meal- how wrong was I. Think Noodles but think Gourmet style noodles with the taste amped up!

I started to try these tasty noodles on there own for quick lunches for me and the hubby as they really arent big enough for a full meal, however I have found how to make them a full meal thanks to Aldi!

As much as they are super fast, delicious and great flavour I didnt want to waste these beauty on just a quick grab and go lunch. So to make them a full meal I can sit down and saver with the family I found corresponding meats to add to them.

Coconut Chicken Laksa

This one has to be my family absolute favourite, I would say its a twist on a chicken Korma flavour in a noodle style.

To turn this into a meal I made it as per the instruction but while it was doing its think with the hot water in it I grilled up some coconut chicken pieces from Aldi. I transfer the noodles to a bowl omitting some of the juices just as its my preference to not have it swimming. Then sliced the chicken over the top. This meal was a win from the whole family and one we will repeat for sure.

Other flavours and meat combos we tried- Warrior fighting shrimp ( I chunked this up with added prawns- Devine) Hong Kong Street Beef ( I added some fried off beef strips) wow this one was really meaty for the meat lovers of the house.

Well done Mr Lee you have added a new meal choice to our evening meals for 10 minutes you legend.

Have you got any meals you can make in minutes? I have some quick make cupcakes but that about it lol.




*** Some items where gifted for the purpose of this blog post ***