Increasing The ‘Comfy-Factor’ Of Your Home

In many cases, the ‘comfy-factor’ of a home is unquantifiable. Property agents rarely list this in their brochures. It’s hard to really know what it means from one person to another. But it truly does exist. We’ve all been in properties that make us feel utterly comfortable, at peace, and happy to ride out even the most intensive storms within its comforting environment.

Increasing this ‘comfy-factor,’ then, means doing than just purchasing a range of blankets and drinking some hot cocoa on a rainy night, but that is certainly a great use of your time. It means taking an interest in the wider design and interior development of your home, and making some changes here and there that seem appropriate for you.

For some, this might mean developing a media space within their living room, for others it may mean segmenting the most beautiful reading corner they’ve ever come across. One thing’s for sure, if you follow the direction of your taste and worthwhile design principles, the comfy-factor of your space is sure to be stronger than it once was.

Let’s consider how:

Wood Burners & Fireplaces

Wood burners and fireplaces add that sense of relaxation, comfort, and warmth especially during the colder seasons. Not only can they provide you with a real fire that you can manage capably and carefully, but the fixtures themselves look incredible, made from durable materials that can keep the heat in while you filter the smoke outside through the chimney system. With an appropriate guard or a door shutter, you’ll be resting and relaxing after a long week of work in no time at all.

A Confident Seating Arrangement

Setting up armchairs, sofas and footrests appropriately will help your guests feel comfortable. You always need at least one or two more seats than there are people in your household, just for comfort and guests. With a few throws, a blanket or two, and cushions placed carefully, you’ll be able to relax properly. It can also be nice to have a little area for a pet, like a small bed, rug or cushion they can sleep on, so they don’t feel compelled to jump on and accidentally scratch your furniture.

Comforting Use Of Artificial Light

Artificial light can add to the comfort of your home, and knowing how to use it is key. During those somewhat dark evenings it can be nice to make sure you have lamps properly set up so you can watch the sunset with ease. It might also be that implementing outdoor lighting, like small lamps either side of your door or lanterns near your garden path, can help the space seem so welcoming and beautiful you’ll cherish coming home from work in the winter. Light tinted with colour can also add a great deal of character, too. In the long run, it’s these calming decisions that have the most profound effect.

With this advice, you’re certain to increase the ‘comfy-factor’ of your home, perhaps to a degree you weren’t expecting.


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