How To Save Money Over Winter

I hate to admit it but winter is fast approaching. My heating has been back on nearly two weeks for the cold snap in the morning. It makes getting out of bed so much more hard work haha.

Over the years of being a home owner I have learned tips and tricks over the years of how to keep my home running costs down over winter, so I have decided to share them with you!

  • Keeping your doors in all rooms closed helps contain the heat- I love keeping my bedroom door closed so at bed time it’s super cosy and warm
  • Candle light is super romantic and cosy not to mention a fraction of the cost. So why not watch tv by candle light and save on electricity
  • Draft excluders may seem so 80’s to some people but if you have large gaps under door frames these sure do help
  • Make sure your windows are in good condition and are not cracked, leaking or letting in condensation between the panes
  • If you have a conservatory consider a partition door rather than a curtain
  • Make sure your central heating systems and central heating boilers are serviced and maintained regular for optimum use- it’s surprising the difference a quick service makes
  • Use a slow cooking for meals. Rather than turning a gas hob and cooker on and off a slow cooker uses the same amount of power roughly as a light bulb. What’s even better is you can put your food on in the morning and it’s ready for you coming home.
  • If your lucky enough to have a holiday home in the sun for winter make sure you know how to avoid paying council tax on empty properties.

Whats your top tip for saving money on household items over the winter months?

I would love to hear them to try them out for myself.




*** This is a Collaboration post but all views are honest and my own***