How To Make A Successful Money Making Blog

It’s so common now that people start blogs everyday for different reasons but a lot of people see it as a different income stream, and that’s correct.

I started blogging to document motherhood, meet others and gain great advice and earning money had just been a bonus!

Now I’m a year into blogging I feel I can share my advice with others of how to make a successful money making brand.

  • Make sure you have separate social media accounts for your blog- don’t use your personal account as friends may get sick of your advertisements and shout outs. Make new social media using your blog name for usernames.
  • Join a blogger outreach programme where you can find opportunities available for your blog. The pay scale changed depending on your DA. There is plenty of paid blogging jobs out there, just look in the right places.
  • Keep your DA up. This is your domain authority, you can check this for free on the MOZ toolbar.

  • Become a member of blogger help and advice pages on Facebook. This has been a massive help for me it had enlightening me into jobs available and how to contact brands.
  • Create a media pack- I made one for free on Canva outlining all the reasons why a brand should work with me. I made it bright, colourful and informative.
  • Why not try Join affiliate programmes such as Awin. For every click and purchase through your link you can earn yourself cash.
  • Keep an address book for all previous contacts and check in with the lm regularly regarding any paid opportunities.
  • Complete paid work in good time to a high standard so you are remembered.
  • Recommend your outreach programmes to brand and get rewards. Get blogged offers and amazing scheme for brands who sign up using your link ( I have mine as a signature at the end of my emails)
  • Ask all clients you work with if they need any other bloggers- share the wealth of yours jobs and other bloggers will have your back too.
  • Contact brands you genuinely use and love and ask if they would like to collaborate with you.
  • Follow useful hashtags on social media like- #bloggerwanted #bloggerrequired This will help you get seen by many brand and bloggers and some will even add you to a data base without even making there selves be known.
  • If your a brand register yourself on multiple platforms to get your self seen.
  • Host guest posts- something as simple as getting friends from your blogging community to write a post for you, or to host one of yours gets your link more widely seen. This will help grow your DA and In turn get you more work.
  • Include links to your old blog posts, this will give you a good selection of links within your posts to give you a good seo score.

How do you make money from your blog if you blog?




*** This is a Collaboration Post but all views are honest and my own***

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