Getting My Home Ready For Christmas

There is a few jobs around my home I have been putting off until summer passed with the warm nights so I could be more productive on an evening.

Over time things get tired and worn looking and we have got many visitors over Christmas I like to get the house looking tiptop.

Here are a few jobs I’m going to complete this October to get my house looking great before Christmas.

Sink Replacement

Over time the enamel has been chipping off my sink and I have been putting off replacing for a while. I have finally found some I love and I’m ready to make the change. After all Christmas is a time for looks of food, drink and kitchen gathering so I want eyes to be on the food and not on the crusty old sink.

Window Cills

Every time I repaint or decorate a room i sand down and repaint all window cills and skirting but after years of doing this mine are well ready for replacement to make them look fresh and new again.

Fixtures and Fittings

I love how changing smells things in the home can make a big impact. I have often just switched out knobs and handles and it can have the effect of a whole new piece of furniture. Its been a few years since I have changed the kitchen knobs so that’s on my to do list too.

Feature Wall

I am a sucker for a feature wall and love to have one in every room. Having recently installed a breakfast bar in my kitchen I am now ready to add the rustic brick tile feature wall. This concept is so modern yet so easy to achieve. There’s loads of colours to suit and scheme but I’ve gone with grey to match my kitchen tone.

What jobs have you gone planned to do on your home this year?

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