Family Activities To Do In Liverpool

One thing that is my guilty pleasure is I absolutely love going for weekends away, whether it be as a couple, as a family or with the girls.

Recently we have been exploring what things there are to do in Liverpool as a family.

Liverpool as so much to offer for people of all ages but especially for people who like to explore new places and take advantage of what they have on offer.

Liverpool ONE has a massive variety of things for the family do to and here are just a few of the things we plan to do on a future trip.

Dinosaurs Unleashed

I’m sure anyone with a toddler a similar age to mine is no stranger to Andy and his Dinosaur adventures. Well there is a Dinosaur unleashed event happening very soon which I know my son would love, and more than likely daddy will too.

Build A Bear

Parker has collected build a bears from being tiny as they are the most beautiful hard wearing bears with a lovely story behind them being made.

Build a bear is hosting a workshop that tells you more in-depth about each stations as you learn to make your Bear. The more time Parker spends in build a bear the happier he is so this is win win.

Eat at Ed’s

One of my favourite chains when we go to large cities or shopping centres is Ed’s Diner.

Our nearest one is an hour away so when we get near one we jump at the chance. My inner soul is American I swear as I cannot get enough of the American diner style fried tasty goodness!

Night at the Museum

Museums are my other half’s secret pleasure so when we know there is one we make a conscious effort to visit.

Liverpool has many museums including a British music experience one which sounds fab! This one we would prob visit while P Is napping in the buggy after all the fun! I will be gutted when he grows out of his mothercare one it’s so compact and great for trips like this.

Have you visited Liverpool before?

If so what were your favourite bits?




*** This is a Collaboration post but all views are honest and my own ***