Excellent Gift Ideas For Teens Who Love Action & Adventure

It can be hard to get your teens away from their electronic devices and ensure they stay active, which is why you want to encourage them when they find something active they like to do. There are plenty of ways parents can enable this in their children, and sometimes a little creative thinking can keep them active without realising it. Below are some of the gifts you can consider getting for your teens to keep them active and healthy while also enjoying themselves immensely.


Trampolining is lots of fun for people of all ages, and it is also an excellent way to get some exercise. You can get trampolines in various sizes, and you will need to ensure you have enough room in your garden for it. You may also want to get some foam pads to surround the trampoline to protect them if they fall off it.

A Quad Bike

If your child is an adrenaline junky, then you may want to consider getting them a quad bike, especially if other family members already enjoy the activity. There are many reputable dealers who also offer high quality Yamaha quad parts online, which are perfect if you want to upgrade the vehicle you have or some parts need replacing. 

You may wish to get your kid some lessons to learn how to use the quad bike safely. You will also need to ensure you get all the safety equipment to go with it, which includes helmet, gloves, boots, driving suit and goggles. For a helmet, it’s best to get a full-face one as it offers more protection. If you don’t have a full-face helmet, you need to get your teen goggles to protect their eyes when they are riding.


Paintballing is an activity that is fun for all ages, and it might be something your teen loves. You can get them the equipment they need yourself, but you may wish to go somewhere to loan the equipment first to first find out if they would like it before actually purchasing one for them. You can get them the paintball gun and ammo, but you will also want to get them some protective gear. They will need some gloves, a facemask, and some overalls that will help keep the paint from their clothes. There are places to go paintballing throughout the country, so there will always be somewhere new for them to try.

An All-Terrain Mountain Bike

You can consider getting your teen an all-terrain mountain bike that is lots of fun to ride and will also ensure they have plenty of exercise and get their heart pumping. Buying one of the better all-terrain bikes can be expensive, so you will need to ensure you also take out insurance for it and have a sturdy lock to try and prevent theft. 

You can take these bikes on any terrain, so it does not matter where you live; there is somewhere suitable for them nearby where your teens can ride until they are exhausted.


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