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Whether you are a single parent or in a couple it may be inevitable that some point you struggle for childcare. Personally if it wasn’t for my family I would have no one so during the recent pandemic I have taken it upon myself to find out what other options are out there for the future to preserve the life of my over 70 parents.

You don’t know what you have got til its gone

Without knowing I have taken them for granted over the last five years with them having my son mornings and Tea times after school for me and my husband to Work.

Now I realise I want to preserve there life and make sure they are doing everything they want to in these later years. I know the children make their day so I just want a back up option should issues arise where they cannot look after them, especially as one is a newborn baby and may be a bit demanding for them now in there later years. 

Everything you need for one click

So whether your looking for a childminder, baby sitter, nanny or more Childcare.co.uk has everything at your finger tips. Childcare.co.uk was the number one site on my google search to “ Find childcare in my local area” so it was super easy to find and even easier to navigate once on the site. It automatically pops up with a search tool asking you what you are looking for and your postcode to narrow down your search area.

I was amazed to find there are 75 childcare providers in my area within a few mile radius, and I don’t even live in a massive area so the results are incredible and speak for themselves. With this high figure i’m guessing every childcare provider in the area is registered on this fab site. With over 2 million users you are bound to find someone local to you to provide the service you are looking for.

Recommend to a friend

I am so impressed by the sites layout, search engine, feedback and customer service that I would recommend anyone who is looking for long term childcare of just a one off emergency baby sitter to get your self logged on and build a relationship with a potential match. You can drop them a message through the site with Facebook or an online account so it really is as easy as 1,2,3.

For anyone who struggles with childcare I would be really intrigued to find out would you use a service like this if you needed it or do you prefer the old fashion advert in a paper style search? I for one know that the safety of this site and the information they hold on their users gives me a peace of mind.




*** This is a collaboration post but all views are honest and my own ***