Cosy Candle Review : Soy Wax Melts

I’ve been super lucky enough to receive a box of Cosy Candle Soy Wax Melts to review and I could not be happier.

Candles and melts are my vice, more so melts these days as I feel the smell carriers further around your home and they are more cost effective due to the amount of uses you can get out of one melt.

Cosy Candles offers a monthly subscription box of melts delivered to your door starting from only £9.99 Per month.

If you would like 30% off a box after reading my review just add the code Katrina30 at checkout.

The melts came beautifully boxed in a perfectly sized letter box, box. So no problem if your not home your melts will be on the mat waiting for you. I love this as I hate nothing more then going to the post office for parcels all the time that the reason is the are too large to post.

 Cosy Candles sent me the subscription box containing 6 large melts. I thought for my review I would tell you the scents and a small description of them because they are so divine and the internet isn’t scratch and sniff so I want you to get the feel that your here with me.

Peony & Blush

This scent reminds me of an elegant lady wearing expensive perfume. If I close my eyes it reminds me of my Gran- In a good way

Fresh Linen

This is my favourite this month, smelling like a well known baby brand of fabric conditioner which will not be named lol. This takes me back to Parker being a new born.

Dark Amber & Ginger

A warm and spicy scent ideal for the autumn and winter months.

Pink Champagne

If this was edible I would jump right in. The smell is almost fizzy which is crazy they have bottled that up in a melt- clever clogs

Lemon Sherbert

Super refreshing and clean smelling perfect for a summer night on the patio.

Seaweed & Juniper

There is only one way to describe this, Holiday in a melt. Its like the Caribbean crossed with a clean smelling waiter. Love this!

I am not just saying this because I have been sent this box but I am totally sold on Cosy candles the scents are amazing,last for hours and the subscription is super affordable for all budgets.

Another thing I am super impressed with the fact that if you love a scent you can go on the sites shop and order individual pods of your favourite scents.

The best way to use them is to break a small amount off the melt and place in the top of a wax burner with an unscented candle underneath so as not to tarnish the actual wax scent.

Well done Cosy Candles your onto a winner.




*** I was sent this box to review but all views are 100% honest and my own***