August Gadget Wish List

I’ve decided that I’m going to be doing various wish lists on my blog in the future to document things that I would really like to treat myself to with my hard earned cash.

As a mother our treats can sometimes be thin on the ground as we give, give, give to the children.

Spoilt Rotten

Nothing makes me happier then treating my son but once a month I am going to treat myself to something off my list.

Go Go Gadget

This month I am covering gadgets. Here is a few items I would love to get my hands on. If any of you have these items and have a review or feedback for me- shout out, let me know if its worth it as I love genuine honest opinions.

Cold as Ice

Oue family love cold icy drinks in summer and the one we reach for a lot over summer is Slush Puppies. I found a slush puppie maker and I’ve had my eyes on it for weeks.

It looks super easy to use and for the amount of slushy we buy we would soon make our money back on what we save in shops. Not to mention I would really like to try alcoholic slush when the kids are in bed hehe.

Suck It Up

This is a purchase I would need to save for, for a little while but something that would save my life in times of need.

Like at 5pm when the dinner is all over the floor. Or at 10am when trying to leave to go out and I’m treading on crumbs.

The Dyson cordless vacuums are so handy to whip out on these occasions. Storage is limited in our home too so it’s sleek design would fit perfectly in a small space. Not to mention the fact that my bag will no longer feel it’s breaking when hoovering the dreaded stairs.

Get Fit Bit

Now it seems I’m late to the party with the Fit bit craze but I’ve only just jumped on the wagon.

At first hearing my friends saying ooooh I’m winning and I’ve smashed my target was wearing a little thin on my ears. However since starting to eat a bit better and walk a bit more, now I see the appeal. Also the fact that I wouldn’t need to get my phone out while shopping because it shows your texts on screen is a bonus. Really loving the pink colour too. Please hubby by me this so I don’t have to save too long lol.

If your looking to treat yourself or someone else and into tech item such as computers and phones check out this Gift Guide.




*** This is a Collaboration post but all words and Views are honest and my own***