A Mothers Wish- MyLotus – Review

Thanks As many of you will know if you have read previous blog posts, I am a sufferer of PCOS. This mean that trying to conceive can seem a mission that may be impossible.

What is PCOS

It is a common condition which affects the way a woman’s ovaries work.

What are the features of PCOS

  • Irregular periods
  • Excessive hair growth
  • Enlarged ovaries
  • Weight gains
  • Difficulty in getting pregnant

Basically everything I am lol.


If you are a sufferer I can tell you it is possible as obviously I have had my son while having this condition. It did how ever make the journey long and stressful with a feeling of what if it doesn’t happen for me.

The NHS is invaluable

The NHS is amazing but I felt at a loss when there were months between appointments when I really had no idea what was going on with my body. It was a case of waiting for an appointment when they called me in and having random blood testing to see how my cycles were going.

At the time of TTC for P I didn’t have periods naturally, they had to be drug induced which in turn meant I was not ovulating. This time my body seems to have had some sort of kick up the butt after going through pregnancy once and I do have periods, However not regular or in a consistent pattern.

Research The Net

After researching the internet I found a company called Dr Fertility. They offer fertility education and products to help people in their fertility journey. They are passionate about helping people maximize their chances of trying to conceive as well as raising awareness and educating people.

Dr Fertility really resignated with me and I was super happy when they offered a fertility monitor for me to help me along my way with TTC my second child. I saw this as a sign of hope that inbetween doctors appointments I can learn my own bodies rhythm.

Delivery of Dreams

I received the Mylotus fertility monitor just in time for the start of my next period. Super excited to learn about the machine I dived into the box to find the instructions. My first thought was a machine that is so clever must be complexed to operate. WRONG!

I was pleasantly surprised how simple it was and happy that it was written in layman terms and not medical terms for any Tom, Dick or Harry to understand.

The fertility monitor is a dual use amazing piece of kit which not only does it monitor ovulation it also tests for pregnancy too.

How Does It Work

Some women have a high or low LH baseline level which can lead to inaccurate results when using traditional ovulation tests. myLotus numerically measures Luteinising Hormone (LH) levels, in your urine throughout your cycle, to help you understand your baseline level and detect your LH surge, which is an indication that ovulation is about to occur.

Why do we love Mylotus

  • Different to traditional ovulation tests.  If your baseline LH levels are  outside the typical range, traditional ovulation tests may not work for you. myLotus allows you to identify your baseline LH levels numerically, throughout your cycle, even when they are outside the typical range and consequently detect your LH surge to identify when ovulation is about to occur and your most fertile time for sex.
  • Clear quantitative results. myLotus provides a numerical measure of how much LH is in your urine in real time. This allows you to identify your LH surge even if your LH levels are above or below the average range.
  • Easy to read qualitative results. myLotus displays a “+” symbol when it detects the LH surge and it will show a “+” symbol if the pregnancy hormone hCG has been detected and you are pregnant.
  • Menstrual cycle tracking. Enter your LH results into the free myLotus app to graphically track and view your unique monthly profile, making it easy to see your LH surge and establish your most fertile time to have sex.
  • Allows frequent testing! You can test with myLotus more than once a day, to ensure you detect your most fertile period.
  • Share your information with your Doctor or partner through the app. If you are struggling to get pregnant it is helpful for your doctor to see your LH baseline levels, how this changes throughout your cycle and compares with previous cycles.
  • Simple and accurate home testing

Easy Peasy

I’n not going to lie, I was quite concerned the machine might be complexed to use because it can do so much, but I was pleasantly suprised it wasnt.

  1. Simply turn on the machine
  2. Let if know if you are bleeding or not
  3. Collect urine sample in the provided sterile disposable pot
  4. Insert the required or requested test tick into the machine
  5. Collect urine into dropper pipette also provided
  6. When the symbol with drops flashes add sample to the area indicated
  7. When sample is on the stick press to start the testing process
  8. Wait 10 minutes for your result
  9. Record result in My Lotus App

Here’s a step by step in pictures for you!


Unfortunately this cycle ended in a BFN as my period arrived before I had chance to take a pregnancy test. Although I am feeling so much more positive about how my body works compared to someone without PCOS

Tracking the Line

As soon as I received my monitor I couldn’t wait to start tracking my cycle and see what was going on. Having PCOS means my levels can be all over the place but the MyLotus means I can start to understand my bodies cycle.


Read Between The Lines

During this first cycle I have noticed I have a lot of positive LH days. But I have also noticed when ovuation is near the results are so much higher!

Overall this machine is fantastic, It has allowed me to get to know my body more than I ever could on the NHS.

The Mylotus is going to be sticking to me like glue until I get my BFP for my second baby.

Thank you Dr Fertility and Mylotus- You have given this momma hope

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*** This is a gifted collaboration but all views are honest any my own***