5 Things To Do With An Old Smartphone

Recently upgraded to a new phone and want to dispose of your old one?

Instead of just throwing your device away or keeping it in a box and putting them in the attic, why not do any of these 5 things?

Sell It

That new phone may be expensive, but you can recoup some of the costs by selling your old smartphone at a fair price.

Sell your phone for cash on the most reputable online platforms. Post a notice on Facebook, put up an ad on eBay or create an account on Amazon and upload a photo of the device you want to sell. But you’ll have to make sure the mobile’s working and it doesn’t have defects so you’re not wasting your or other people’s time.

Do you still have the box, manual and charger for it? Good. You can ask for a higher price if this is the case. In order to sell your phone quickly, do some research on how much your phone is going for these days, then put it in around the same price bracket.

You can also sell your old tech to recycling sites who can give you cash after receiving the phone you’d like to sell.


Turn It Into a Second Phone

Have your old phone play second fiddle in terms of the most important functions, such as making calls, sending texts and email. Keep it charged up and accessible, e.g., put it in your car’s glove compartment or in your bag and you’ll be thankful for it when your main phone’s battery dies down or stops working unexpectedly.

Activate the network by slotting in a compatible sim card, then just leave it turned on. Remember to charge it every now and then.

Make A New Gadget

Your old device can be a new gadget that will prove to be very useful, especially if you have children. For instance, you can turn it into an educational device, an alarm clock or a GPS unit for navigation.

Alarm Clock. Make a brand-new alarm clock with a few nifty features that traditional clocks don’t have. You can install an alarm app that will only shut off if you complete a math puzzle, or one that mimics a sunrise. Then, give it to your son or daughter so they can get up and go to school on time.

GPS Unit. Update your Android phone to the latest Google Maps, or download Waze and other navigational apps for the iOS. Install a dash that can hold the phone upright and you’ll have a dedicated GPS that can serve you well.

Music Player. Your phone can hold songs and play them out via a music service or streaming app. Hook it up to a wired speaker system or a Bluetooth headphone, dock it onto a charger and you can play music anytime you like.

Educational Device. Set up your old tech to be an instructional tool for kids. You can download a basic numbers, letters or colors app depending on your child’s age and learning capacity and teach when you have the time. You can also load it up with children’s songs and videos so you can have a sort of distraction when you’re doing important things.

Give Back to Charity

If you have too many things in your attic and garage taking up space, you can declutter and donate the tech you don’t want to charitable institutions and non-profit organisations near your area.

Local hospitals, animal shelters and schools can always make use of your spare phone, tablet or laptop computer.

Check and see if your device works as it should, then perform a factory reset. Gather up the device’s accessories, such as adaptor, cable and box and set them aside. You’ll be one item lighter and giving to a worthy cause.


Responsible tech owners should always consider having their old goods recycled instead of just throwing it in the bin. Otherwise, your phone will just end up in a landfill and pollute the environment.

Major brands will often have recycling programmes where you can turn it in and get a credit, gift card or cash for your effort. If not, contact your local recycling shop and give it to them for re-use or harvesting of parts.