5 Tips To Maintain A Clean and Tidy Family Home

Being a mother who works as well as looks after the home can be super hard one. One thing I struggled with in the beginning was keeping the home clean and tidy with a toddler running around and into everything.

Now my son is 3 years old I have learned tips and tricks along the way that may be of use to some of you.

  1.  Antibacterial sprays РKids touch all kinds of filthy things then rub them around the house. I always make sure I have anti bac sprays to clean all surfaces and door handles at the end of everyday in a hope to not spread too many germs.
  2. Storage Solutions – Toys can soon take over the house and make it look untidy and keep them clean and off the floor storage solutions are key. My preferred type of storage are cube shelves were you can organise the toys into categories and give them a wipe down on a night before putting them away all organised ready for the next day.
  3. Minimal Carpet – A major change we had in our home after kids was removing any unnecessary carpets around the home. Kids spill drinks, have accidents when toilet training and crunch food into carpets and the idea of that gives me the chills. Laminate Flooring was the answer for us. A steam clean surface which dirt can be vacuumed, swept, steamed and easily seen has meant we can keep hidden dirt and germs to a minimum.
  4. Make a Rota – Some cleaning things like skirting and Sils can sometimes be overlooked until its too late. By making a rota of what you clean and when means everything will be done on an even cycle. Like my mum always said if everyone did a little, no one would have to do a lot. I find this method better for spreading the work load rather than spending all my work free weekends cleaning.
  5. Green Clothes- I Love to do my bit for the environment, some times in the house you need to change some items regularly to keep a clean sweep but that doesn’t mean we need to throw everything away. Rather then buying throw away clothes I have built a stash of well designed clothes and scowerers that will last for years to come if they get washed as per instructions. My top tip would just to always wash the cleaning clothes on a high heat on there own and run a cleaning cycle after you have done them.

What do you do to keep your home clean and tidy?




*** This is a collaboration post but all words are my own***