SheaByNature: Sheaqueous Cream review: First impressions

I have very kindly been sent a pot of the SheaByNature– Sheaqueous Cream to try but please note I have not been paid for this and all views are my own.

I jumped at the chance to work the SheaByNature as my hands are in a terrible condition since having Parker. I think it’s the vast amount of hand washing after Nappy changes and my hands have just got super dry and cracked.

The Sheaqueous cream claims to be great for

  • People with very dry skin aka me
  • Babies and children
  • People with normal to combination skin
  • People with rough scaly cracked skin on hands or feet… again me!
  • People with eczema, Dermatitis And psoriasis prone skin
  • Pregnant women
  • Mothers with children with dry skin
  • The Whole family

So I’m going to put it to the test on my hands.Bewarned this before picture is not nice if you don’t like seeing cuts and sores looks away now.

This is my right hand which is considerably worst then the left which is pictured below.

I am going to use this cream as instructed for the next 2 weeks and then I will update you with my results.

After having used it for the first time today I want to share my first impressions on a few things.

Texture: Light weight but rich at the same time but doesn’t leave a sticky after feel.

Feel: Silky smooth.

Penetrability: This cream doesn’t soak in super fast but it’s also not the slowest I would say 2-3 minutes max.

Smell: Herbal like scent which makes you think of all the natural ingredients.

Ingredients: Combination of rich ultra moisturising ingredients can surely only be a good thing right?

Do you suffer with extreme dry skin anywhere?

Meet me back here in 2 weeks to see my results, fingers crossed (hopefully not scabby ones for much longer) that I get some results and get pain free for the first time in a long time.





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