Top 5 Summer Preparation Essentials

Let’s Get The Garden Ready

Although all I see when I look out the window into the garden right now is snow, I cannot help but think forward to Spring and Summer and getting my garden organised for days of fun and laughter as well as many an outdoor dinner.

With that in mind I am already planning my purchases to make the garden a lot more presentable once this dreaded snow thats ruining my garden is gone.

Here are my Top 5 Summer Garden Preparation Essentials.

1# Fake Grass

We have decided to make the change to fake grass this year.

Our garden is on a decline and the real grass at the bottom is always water logged and muddy which makes a nightmare for a roaming toddler.

What I like about the fake grass is its low maintenance so need to cut it, no watering it will just look good what ever the weather and its child friendly so perfect for P on his summer explorations.

#2 A New Shed

We currently have what I can only describe as a Tin Hut. It was purchased just to store the lawn mower really and a few garden tools. Since having P the shed is now at breaking point after being filled with hundreds of outdoor toys, rides on’s, bikes and paddling pools.

#3 An Inflatable Hot Tub

Last Year my mum and dad purchased a Lazy Spa Jacuzzi for the garden which is perfect for your unpredictable weather.

When the winter comes we can just pop out the valve and deflate that sucker until next year. Also with the fake grass there will be no awful bald spot on the grass once the pool is removed, which will stop the hubby moaning that he needs to try and repair the grass.

#4 Fence paint

Since moving into our home 8 years ago the fence has been naked as the day it was born. Just the natural wood colour that it came.

So this summer we are going to paint the fence maybe a nice mint green colour so it will look super vintage for lots of garden picnics with the bunting hung up.

#5 A New Pop Up Green House

A couple of years ago I bought a pop up green house but it was the year of the bad storms and just after everything started sprouting it got blown over and destroyed.

It has taken until now for me to get over it. So I think I am ready to give fruit and veg growing another go this year.

What would you like to do to your garden this year? Have you ever considered fake grass?




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