Why I Want To Take My Son To Florida While He’s Young

This year was the first year that we have taken our son abroad and he is nearly 4 years old now.

I was nervous that he would not been keen on travelling and the long waits and delays that travelling can bring, so for our first trip with did a short 4 hour flight to Side -Turkey.

Our son absolutely smashed it! He didn’t moan once or ask the dreaded “Are we nearly there yet” I partly give credit to the amazing hand luggage bag that I packed for him with loads of fun items but a post about that will follow shortly.

Since undergoing this holiday we have decided within the next year to 18 months we are ready to take an adventure to Florida while Our son is still young.

Here are a few reasons we want to visit Florida while P is young.

  • The magic of Disney is so much more intense when a child is young and Florida hosts the best Disney experiences in my eyes
  • Going to Florida in term time can save a lot of money so we would like to go wild P is not in full time education so we can make the most of going when most kids are at school
  • While he is still young enough to go in a pushchair we can go on long sight seeing walks without him saying he cannot walk for long because Orlando is more than just theme parks. It also offers ample shopping opportunities, restaurants and nightlife. For those of you who are culture vultures, Orlando is also inundated with art galleries, gardens and a thriving arts scene.
  • P loves beaches right now he loves making castles and paddling in the see which I know as I got older I found boring but right now he could spend hours on the beach. Florida has many beaches to visit. As a peninsular, most of Florida is beach-lined. However, the creme de la creme has to be along the Gulf Coast to the west. With 210 miles of brilliant white sandy beaches backed by rolling dunes to choose from, you’ll soon see why Florida’s beaches draw visitors all year round.

I love the fact there is always deals on Florida available if you check out the right sites and companies. If you want to visit Florida check out Ocean Florida for some amazing deals as well as to take advantage of the free dining packages which can save you a fortune on your holiday for 2020.

Have you visited Florida with a preschooler? What would you recommend to do with them?




***This is a collaboration post***