Where Have I Been? Life Update

Hello! Who’s she I might hear you say! I know, I know I have been MIA for months but please let me explain.

I have been unwell, but the happiest type of unwell you can be! We are adding to our family and little P is going to be a big brother.

We are so excited

The reason for my absence is I have been severely suffering with HG along the way. Anyone who has had this during pregnancy will feel my pain its a horrible illness to get at the time of growing something so precious. Add into that looking after a 4-year-old and functioning is hard.

That being said we have loads to fill you in on including a how I got pregnant naturally with PCOS, a gender reveal, what products have helped me through the HG the last 5 months and an interview with a 4 year old about how he feels about being a big brother and how we are letting him name is sibling.

This most wonderful time of the year has just been made more exciting

This will be our last year as a trio as we embark on the journey to make our family of 4 complete. I can safely say i cannot go through this feeling again as magical as it is.

I have some what of mum guilt feeling like that am taking time away from P with all the time that I am unwell and need to lay down and rest.

Mum guilt is a real thing right!? I never realised until I became a parent.

My gift guides will be a little late this year so please excuse me but they will be on there way I have just been slow with work while getting through the worst of it but think I have found a pattern in my days where I have an hour free to tap away to you guys and relax, so stayed tuned for that. Also I will be concentrating on my new site MummyvsMoney while to try to do everything on a budget.

So before the gender reveal goes live tomorrow- Place your bets Below- Another Boy blue or a Pretty in Pink Girl.

Look forward to catching up with you all over the festive season