The Return Of Our Naughty Elf Edward #supportsmallbusinesses

This year more then ever people are struggling, businesses are closing and life’s just all a bit different isn’t it.

Me and many of my friends and family have been looking into ways to diversify incomes streams.

If you follow my other blog Mummy Vs Money you would know that I look for ways to make money by couponing, reselling, promoting and now turning my hand to crafting.

This Christmas I am trying to make as special and as memorable as ever. This years been crap so let’s end on a bang.

We have done the naughty elf for the past couple of years and this year will be no different. To make all the fun with the elf I intend in using as many small businesses as possible to provide props for the plans for my elf.

To get him back into the house he is going to be hanging through the letter box holding onto one of my return of the elf letter box gift packs

This letterbox return of the elf includes

  • 10 assorted Christmas themed colouring or activity sheets
  • A pack of pencil crayons and a sharpener
  • A lucky chocolate penny
  • A candy cane
  • A bag of Elf Poop ( raisons- alternative may be available)
  • A personalised letter from the Elf

If you wish to support my small venture this Christmas to make some pocket money for the extra treats everyone likes at Christmas why not visit my eBay listing of this gift for the bargain of £5.99 and free postage.

Also I am giving away a letterbox gift to two children this year. Simply follow the instructions on the rafflecopter below to enter.

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If you want to try earning some extra money this Christmas but don’t have time to make anything check out my last post that shows you how to make money from things around the home and keep 100% profit.