Mummy Make Overs: Make up Dupes Challenge with Beauty Base

When I was approached by Beauty Base to take part in there Make up Dupes challenge I jumped at the chance!

I love make up and I love bargains, bring them both together and what have you got… BOOM this challenge.

A chance to try new make up and try them out next to super expensive high end brands, I would of been crazy not too.

I got to pick 3 Dupe products from Beauty Base and try them up against 3 high end products that I already owned.

For each product I am going to rate there Packaging, Colour Pay off, Staying Power, Price and score out of 10 and would I stick with the High end or Twist and buy the Dupe from now on, so without further a do lets do this!

From Beauty Base I chose W7 Big blush Pallet  an absolute steal at £6.99 to try up against Urban Decay Flushed pallet checking out at a whooping £25.00 so here’s my thoughts-

Packaging-  I love the tin packaging. Super sturdy and wipe clean.

Colour Pay off-  Not as great as I thought it was going to be but with a few good swirls I managed to pick up enough colour to pigment my cheeks. This will however mean the product will not last as long.

Staying Power-  This was okay, But because the pigment wasn’t great to start off with I feel it fell off quite easy.

Price- Amazing price £6.99 for 6 Blushes just over a pound each so you really cannot complain.

Score and Stick or Twist-  I’m going to give this a 5 out of 10 its a neither here nor there product for me and on this occasion I am going to STICK to my high end blush.

Next up I chose the Technic Eyeshaddow Treasury Gold 24 Colour Pallet and pit this up againist Urban Decay Naked 2 Pallet.

Packaging-   Again its the classic tin packaging, Whats not to love? It also has a massive mirror which is super handy- Big thumbs up from me.

Colour Pay off-   Great colour pay off i’m really impressed and the brush is fab! Generally you find a free brush is only good for one thing… The bin! Not this one! There is no picture with this one because there will be a makeup look coming soon with this pallet.

Staying Power-  A Star well done Technic you have smashed it. Didn’t budge. Even after a drunken nights sleep because I didn’t wash my face oops.

Price-  £6.99 crazy cheap as I would say this is the equivalent to 2 Naked shadow pallets at £40 a go!!

Score and Stick or TwistDrum roll please….. I would give this a strong 9 and i’m going to TWIST and buy this from now on and not the Naked pallets.

Last but not least I chose a lippy from Milani Colour statement Lipstick Matte in Blissful. Ive been a sucker for Mac lippy for years and its been my go to treat when I go for a day out shopping to build my Collection but at £22 a lippy I could by 4 of these Milani ones so lets see how they measure up.

Packaging-  Elegant packaging that could pass for high end all day long. I love the peep of colour at the end of the bullet so you don’t have to undo every lipstick to find the one you want.

Colour Pay off-  AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGG, Couldn’t believe it with a feather like swipe there was pure pink solid goodness all over my hand.

Staying Power- No lippy stays on me all day as I kiss Parker 3 million times an hour and drink like a fish but this with stood alot.

Price- £6.00

Score and Stick or Twist- I have to give this gorgeous lippy a big fat 10/10 and without a doubt I will be TWISTING and purchasing no more mac because why wouldnt I want to get 4 high quality lipsticks for the price of 1 high end.


Over all I am massively impressed with Beauty Base so much so I already have things sat in my basket ready to purchase on payday.

Have you got a product dupe that you tried once and never looked back? I would love to try more if you have some suggestions.

Hope you enjoyed this challenge




Yes these products were sent to my by Beauty Base for this challenge but all views are honest and my own and I have not received any payment for this.

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