Tips on Making a Stylish Dining Room

If you regularly have people over to dinner, then you’ll want to impress your guests with your stylish dining room. However, does your dining room leave something to be desired? The truth is, having a bit of a run-down dining room can put you off from inviting people around as it does not give the right impression. This is a real shame as everyone should be able to feel proud of their environment. So, to help you, below are a few ways you can make your dining room a little more stylish: 

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Dining Room Set

Are your dining chairs looking a little bit sorry for themselves? Well, if they are the wooden kind, why not buy some paint and give them the once over. A matt black colour is always a winner. This will immediately make them appear brighter and newer. Maybe you could cover existing cushions with new fabric too. This fabric could be mimicked on the tabletop, as matching table cloth and chairs give that more coherent and upmarket look. How about buying second-hand and doing things up if you’re happy to upgrade yourself? If reupholstery is not your thing, how about entirely new Dining sets? They will really elevate the look and feel of the dining room.


Think about where the light comes from. If you are having an evening meal in the summer, will the light be enough from the windows? If not, maybe you could place a mirror on the adjacent wall. Mirrors have the effect of making rooms appear larger too, so this is a double whammy, especially if your room is particularly small. How about the lighting for night. Perhaps you may want to reposition the table or light fitting so it hangs directly over the middle of the table, ensuring no one is in the shadows. Pendant lighting is especially good for dining tables. If this is difficult to achieve, how about a lamp or two in the corners of the room or some wall lighting?

Wall Panelling 

Instead of painting or wallpaper, why not try some panelling. Adding cladding can instantly upgrade the look and feel of your dining room in one feel swoop. It will make the room appear as if it is in another place. You can even add this to one part of the room if you have the living and dining room in one. It will help with the division of purpose. What’s more, this is a relatively easy DIY job, so it will not cost the earth.

A Statement Rug

A statement rug can liven up and modernize any room, and they look great in a dining room. The best place to put this down is directly under the dining room table, so you will want to purchase one that is large enough to cover that much flooring. The good news is there are so many styles, shapes, textures, and designs to choose from, so you can go as wild or chic as you like, no matter what shape your dining room table. Also, they are easy to clean if there are any dinner mishaps.


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