Earning A Extra Income Online While On Maternity Leave

As with most people, when on maternity leave the drop in income if you only receive statutory maternity pay can be massive.

This was a worry for me as my wage was going to cut to more then half! After bills and food and a few little treats that left me with nothing left for what I call play money. I really wanted to enjoy my maternity leave and still have dinner dates with the ladies and coffees with the mother and mother in law.

I looked online for legitimate ways to make an income while on maternity leave but still have fun at the same time and not take up a lot of my time, after all I had a baby to look after too.

If only I would have realised how great my blog was going to be and started it 2 years earlier then I did hey!

After trawling online I saw loads of ways to make money online but not many of them where something I wanted to do. There are a lot of online make up selling but the market is flooded. Also a lot of diet remedies but I could not sell and endorse theses as my weight is terrible as I suffer with PCOS. Then I realised what is something I love doing ( but wont be able to do a lot with a small child) ……

Bingo, Online Slots and Casino Games

I loved nothing more then pre child going to the local bingo hall for some fun that could potentially lead to me walking out with more cash then I walked in with.

So I discovered http://www.onlinecasinos.co.uk/ which gives you the top 10 online casinos for the month as well as listing there offers and welcome bonus’s. Now heres a tip for you, I have won most of my money from the massive welcome bonus offers and I find the best way to do it is to bid on maximum lines minimum bets on slots and let them role on auto play.

Many a time I have returned to the computer with £100+ withdraw-able balance. That’s more then a days pay for me.

What have you got to lose to try, some even offer free spins and free money with no deposit and no wagering requirement ( remember to read the t & c’s)

So grab some wine and chocolate, dim the lights and pretend your in a casino and ready to win the jackpot and enjoy your tax free winnings.




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