Superdrug: My top 3 Advent Calendars for Christmas 2017

      Dare I say that dreaded word to alot of peoples ears in October, CHRISTMASSSSSSSS . Yes I did it I said the C word in October Christmas.

For the last god knows how many years the build up the Christmas for kids has meant opening a countdown calendar that contains a chocolate which taste no better than a doggy drop unless your super posh and your parents splashed out on Cadburys, which I wasn’t lucky enough to get until I started buying my own, The cheek!

This all change 2 or 3 years ago when some Genius created something for us ladies- Beauty advent calendars!!! Hallelujah.

So today i’m going to review the 3 Calendars that i’m leaning towards mostly at Superdrug and hopefully you can help me decide  which one to buy.


First up is Make up Revolution  2017    advent calendar- This seems a steal at just £30 but originally priced at £50. This is a large Calendar which opens like a book.

 Designed to suit our Revoholic’s, this calendar contains products for eyes, face and lips! The most fun way to count down to our favourite day of the year, you will find a product behind every door. Perfect for the makeup lover and enthusiast this Christmas with this amazing array of products to expand your collection for 2018!

This one also accommodates Christmas day which i find alot of calendars do not,  Also you get a Pallet on the last day!! Amazing.

Next up is the mega massive Make Up Revolution Christmas Tree     RRP £120.00 but on offer for a massive saying at £70.00

I feel that this Advent has alot of bang for its buck as it has 25 Full size yes Full size products in there ranging from Pallets, tool and full size make up.

A magical and festive cosmetic Countdown to Christmas yet! Our Makeup Revolution Christmas Tree offers 25 (full size) amazing daily gifts to collect leading up to Christmas Day! Bring Christmas joy to a special someone or treat yourself… you deserve it!

I think I know where i’m leaning towards already- I can tell the hubby it doubles up as a new window sill decoration too so saves me buying something else as well. That will work right?



Last but by all means least is every blogger and you tube addicts woman crush, Tanya Burrs 12 Sweet Days Calendar this is currently £20 down for £30.

12 Sweet Days Beauty Calender – The countdown to the party season is on with my 12 Sweet Days Beauty Calendar! Behind every door there’s an extra special limited edition treat so you can shimmer and sparkle on every occasion. It’s up to you how to open the calendar. You could open one door everyday from 1 December or one door every other day. You could even open it from Christmas Day. Whatever you decide, I hope you love it and have a wonderful Christmas.

Tanya’s calendar pulls me from pillow to post. Its super cute, It supports a passion of mine which is watching you tube and helps them keep creating fab content. One thing that I just cannot avoid is that it is only 12 days. What am I suppose to do for the other 13 days of Christmas build up… Buy 2 maybe?


If you had to pick on Calendar which would it be? Or do you prefer a classic Chocolate Calendar?




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