Update A Room In An Afternoon :Flooring

With Parker starting nursery in the next few weeks I have suddenly realised I have neglected my home in the last few years. Mainly because kids are messy right!

So I have decided to update my home with thing that can be done in an afternoon while P is at nursery, and there is one room that Just could not wait- The Bathroom.

Our bathroom has been grinding my gears for many a month now. The walls are marked and the floor is ruined.

Today’s job was to tackle the floor in an afternoon. I totally didn’t think it was possible, but it is.

Thanks to self adhesive vinyl floor tiles from Zazous my bathroom has gone from drab to fab in an afternoon.

This is  genuine messy over used family bathroom which is bigger then the photo gives credit for with a cheap and tired lino flooring.

I decided I was going to be an independent women and tackle the floor tiles myself.

I started by ribbing up the flooring, hoovering the ground and marking the centre point on the floor with a pencil.

After that I started laying down all the full size tiles that needed no trimming or altering.

In order to fill the miss shaped gaps around appliances I followed an easy YouTube tutorial which shows you how to make a template from card to make the perfect fit tile, and guess what it worked!

All I needed to complete my gorgeous new floor was

  • A ruler
  • Stanley knife
  • Card
  • Rolling Pin
  • Pencil

Everything on the list is pretty self explanatory, apart from the rolling pin. That’s to make sure the floor is well adhered. For the  record Parker is convinced he’s a real life dolphin and been sloshing about the bath water, and it’s still well stuck.

I highly recommend Zazous tiles for the beautiful unique design, easy of use, great customer service, speedy delivery and well made hard wearing tiles.

You have made me a happy lady and here’s why-

What do you think? Have you used self adhesive tiles?




* This is a Collaboration post but all views are 100% honest and my own*