5 Ways I Stay Comfortable While Working At My Des

Most of us generally work at a desk at some point throughout our day. For me I spend around 5-10 hours at my desk so comfort is important to me as nothing is worse then jiggling around for hours on end in pain.

If you work at a desk you might find these tips helpful to yourself

  1. Make sure your screen it at the correct level for your eye-line. When I have worked in various offices for different reasons my big bear was seeing low level screens with people tilting there head forward to see correctly.
  2. Everything at arms reach. If you can position all your supplies at arms reach so you don’t have to continually move around the office it makes for a more comfortable approach. However that being said I recommend you get up once and hour to stretch your legs and have a walk.
  3. Be sure to purchase quality and comfortable furniture for work I am a firm believer of certain items if you buy cheap you buy twice and this is definitely the case for furniture. You will be spending many an hour in and chair and at a table so make them good ones. If you work at a desk you might find these tips from Furniture At Work helpful to use yourself.
    Air it out. The temperature of the room can make a big difference to work motivation I find. Too hot and you get tired sluggish and unmotivated. Too cold it always my preference the cool air keeps you awake and on form and you can always warm up with a cardigan or jumper.
    Hydrate with you mates. The best investment for my office has been a coffee machine and water dispenser. My biggest downfall before getting the machines was drinking enough in a day. I would always wonder why a piercing headache would come on around 11am most days. Then I discovered the answer, because I forgot to drink. Having the machine and smelling the beautiful coffee often reminds me to hop up and have a drink.

Do you work in an office? What’s your tips to stay comfortable if you do?




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