Resurgence of Traditional Wooden Toys

Resurgence of Traditional Wooden Toys

Do you remember the good old days when the toys did not need batteries and also didn’t make strange noises? This was the time when toys were used to improve the social skills among children which allowed children to interact with one another, rather than staying glued to the screens all day long. Traditional wooden toys were the most favourite among them that served as a great learning tool and also helped the children in growing and improving their motor skills.

The good news is that these traditional wooden toys are coming back in fashion. The online search for traditional wooden toys went up by almost 250%, outnumbering the online search for their plastic counterparts. Parents are encouraging their children to get back to the old-fashioned way of playing, wooden toys being an important part of them. These toys aren’t only great for entertaining children and keeping them engaged, but they also help encourage role play. These traditional wooden toys also allow children to play on their own or in groups. They are the best alternative to modern battery operated noisy toys as they allow for learning in a peaceful and calming atmosphere.

If you are also thinking of getting these traditional wooden toys for your kids, here are the advantages you can get.

1. They Don’t Run Out of Batteries

One of the biggest advantage of traditional wooden toys is the fact that they don’t run out of batteries and thus you don’t have to recharge them again and again. It not only saves you money, but also saves your time.

2. They are Non-Toxic and Non-Hazardous

If you get wooden toys for your children from reputable toy companies like, you are most likely to find toys that are non- toxic and also non-hazardous. This is especially important in case of toddlers who often take these toys in their mouth.

3. They are Made from Natural Materials

Again, you need to buy traditional wooden toys from reputable companies as you can be sure of the fact that they are made from natural materials. They might be made from recycled components which means that the environment is not harmed in making them. On the other hand, plastic toys are hazardous for the environment.

4. They are Safe

Wooden toys are free of any sharp edges and ends, which keep your children safe when they are playing with these toys. There is no need to supervise your children when they are playing with wooden toys unless there is a choking hazard and the toys have really small parts.

5. They are Not Easy to Break

Wooden toys, as compared to the plastic ones, are very hard to break. It is almost unlikely that your child will break one and swallow a part of it. Thus, they are the safest of all the toys you will ever find.
Traditional wooden toys are very commonly bought these days and we are actually seeing their resurgence as more parents and guardians are becoming aware of the benefits they offer.

Do you or your children love wooden toys? If so, what do you love about them.