Using wax melts to fragrance your home

Using wax melt to fragrance your home is a great alternative to the use of chemicals. The aroma from the wax melts is much more natural, people often feel more relaxed with the presence of natural aromas. People that often practice yoga or meditation will use wax melts to help them relaxed and be more focused. There are hundreds of different types of wax melts available to purchase and each one has a unique aroma. Using wax melts is a cheaper alternative than using scented candles, as the wax is heated and not burned the aroma can last as twice as long.

 How to use wax melts?

 In order to use wax melts to release its aromas, it will need to be heated this can be achieved by using an electric wax melt burner. This electric wax melt burner is the safest way heat up your wax as there is no open flame. The heat comes from the bulb. To use simply place the wax melts in a small bowl at the top, and use the heat from the bulb to heat the wax.

Non-chemical wax melts

You need to be careful which wax melts you decide to use, most standard scented candles contain paraffin. This is a concentrate of petroleum, and too much paraffin presence in the air can cause health problems especially for people struggling with asthma or bronchitis. There are wax melts available on the market that made of soybean oils, these wax melts contain no paraffin and provide a cleaner aromatic smell in your home.

Wax melt more eco friendly

Using wax melts is more eco friendly than using normal scented candles. Most candles comes in a thick glass jar, and wax melts come with hardly any packaging. They will last as twice as long than of a normal candle and it will hold it aromas for longer. Using a scented candle requires burning, and often paraffin is required to achieve this, there is no burning of the wax with wax melts just gently heat the wax to release its aromas.

Using wax melts provides more natural aromas

Wax melts are a great way of bringing natural aromas into your home. People often feel more connected with natural aromas and that aroma can be associated with a memory. When we use mint scented wax it always brings back memories of Morocco where the use of mint is rich in their culture. Here is a great website to purchase your wax melts.

Do you prefer a Melt, candle or oil to fragrance your home?




** I was gifted a wax melt lamp for the purpose of this post ***