Back 2 School Essentials

Can you believe it’s September already! Dare I say that in just a few short months Christmas will be here. I’ve already starting on my shopping list as now Parker is getting older the list is getting longer and more expensive.

Now the new school year is here and Parker has started nursery- boohoo, I thought I would share with you some Back 2 School essentials I have got for him.

Stay Hydrated

At P’s new nursery they are only allowed water or milk to drink to keep in with government guidelines. He hates both! Although one thing that does make it more bearable is a funky water bottle. We have the Now you see me bottle from Smiggle.

This funky bottle is leak resistance and large enough to carry plenty of water for a morning session. You can tell the bottle is great quality as it really holds it’s own against a toddlers carefree attitude to carrying things. I love that it had a loop attached to it which makes it handy for me to add to to my buggy clip on the pushchair, so I don’t need to keep getting it in and out of bags.

Pack It Up Pack It In

Keeping with the Now you see me theme ( P loves crocodiles) we have the double layer pack up box. From my past posts you may remember P is a super fussy eater. So although I am paying for school dinners in a hole he will try something, I am sending and emergency pack up as they day is just too long not to eat.

I love the size of this pack up box, it’s super high quality material and the fact it has a label you can fill in, inside about the child. As I’m sure we all know things go walk about so easily in schools but this is a preventative.

Kind of wish I had a girly print of this for me for work.

Sharpen Up

P is super into colouring and cutting right now and has a whole bunch of pencils, pens and all the other stuff that comes along with it.

The Now you see me pencil case is double zipped to keep everything organised and it’s super durable so no sharp pencils or scissors are breaking out of that bad boy.

Get Noticed

After just one week at nursery we have noticed P loves or draw, paint, stick you name it. We realised we had no where to store such fine art and thought it should be on display for all to see. Notice boards can some times be bland and dull but these boards we have come across are bright and colourful and really compliment kids bedrooms. Teacher boards have some great notice boards and accessories for children’s rooms and learning areas so check them out.

What have you found super useful for the kids going back to school?