Toddler Tuesdays: Shaken Udder Yogoaty

Trying Something New

So most of you possibly know that my son is a fussy little tinker! I can count the foods he will eat consistently on one hand. So when Shaken Udder approached me for Parker or me to try the Shaken Udder Yogoaty pouches I jumped at the chance.

Yogoaty is a high protein on the go snack ideal for kids to have to hand for when ever they are hungry.

As the name suggest its is made up for Yogurt, fruit and oats. Now Parker will happily eat fruit, but oats and yogurt are something he now turns his nose up at so I wasn’t expecting him to devour the pouches as he did!

They come in Mega mango and peach and smashing strawberry and banana which is some of fruits we love in our house.

I  was totally expecting there to be lumps or flakes of oats but there isn’t its totally smooth so perfect for fussy eaters like mine.

These pouches are ideal from 6 months plus so great for weaning babies too.

As you can see from this picture they get Parkers seal of approval, These pouches are available from Tesco for around 75p-£1 which I think is a great price point for effectively a breakfast or on the go snack.


Why not check out Shaken Udder there products for yourself.

Have you tried these pouches before or any other Shaken Udder Product?