What Activities We Are Doing In the Lead up to Christmas 2019

When this kids break up from school sometimes the waiting game for Santa to come can be unbearable, so we like to keep busy with an activity a day to look forward to to help bring on the Christmas cheer.

This year we have lots of free activities planned as well as paying ones. So there is something for everyone.

Here are 5 activities we are doing this week-

Visiting close friends for play dates

Visiting friends is free yet a real feel good activity to do. Take it in turns on a rota each yeah who’s home you go to and maybe offer a brunch buffet. It’s cheap easy and kids will eat and play.

Take a trip to your local national trust parks

National trust parks are beautiful to visit this time of year and offer have free activities like a treasure hunt or colouring competitions. Of course they offer Santa visits to for a few but this year we have seen Santa 5 times and not paid for any as they were all at free events so look out for them in your local area.

Check out your local theatre shows

Don’t always automatically go for the pantomime of the year for a show for your kids. There are often lots of shows offered by different groups at a fraction of the cost. This year we are lucky enough to be attending The Santa Show for a gifted visit. This show is more of what my son loves! Festive, fun and not too long! Stay tuned to see how we found it! It’s set to be a great show with songs and dances from Santa and his friends and a visit to Santa at the end for ever child! What is there not to love! I’m confident this will get us in the Christmas spirit ready for the big day.

Spot the Lights

We love nothing more than an drive around on the evening to play spot the Christmas lights! Fun for all the family! We change it up daily from spot the lights, to spot the Christmas tree and more recently my son wanted to make it harder and changed it to spot the light up Christmas candles! A free activity for all the family!

What do you have planned to pass the time before the big man comes?


T xx

*** tickets have been gifts for the Santa show in return for a review ***