Am I A Soft Play Snob?

Is it just me or is anyone else very selective about what softplay areas they go to ?

I feel like I have been to them all in my area The big ones the small ones the farm shop ones the village ones.

Just lately I find myself being a bit of a snob as to which one i choose to take Parker to but I don’t know why as we have had good and bad experiences at them all!

The big ones don’t seem to have the play area hygiene standards in hand there is sticky finger marks and food tucked in little tiny crevices where you put your feet to climb up. On the plus side the food options are usually great and fab value for money.

The small ones often have a really small toddler area which is the bit we currently play in with hardly anything to do apart from a few blocks and a mirror. The food is generally just options of toast and tea. Plus side they are quiet so Parker is not having to battle older kids who are playing in the toddler area to play.

The Village play areas have a good variety of large play sections and small ones usually with extra features of a football court and ride one track area. I think this is because they are usually located within industrial parks in massive units so they have much more room to play with. Only downside I find with these are they are unpredictable for busyness as they attract people from surrounding towns and areas who may be holidaying at the time or they are even very popular with the travelling community as they often have camp sites near the same industrial grounds well especially in my area.

Last but not least. Farm Shop soft play.  By far my favourite types of soft play to go to.

Why? Well without the risk of sounding snobbish, they are located in lovely areas with great surroundings, very clean and tidy and well presented. The food is second to none the best ever! I used to go here just to eat before I had Parker and the food is sooooooo good. They are also generally very quiet i think this is due to their expensive price tag of £10 entry. This does include indoor softplay and outdoor park but I do know some friends refuse to pay this price which is understandable especially if you have more than one child.

For me I’ll pay the £10 per child any day of the week and if that makes me a soft play snob so be it.

Which are your favourite soft play places to visit?

Would love to hear.


T x