Never Say Never

There are so many misconceptions about online dating and what people are looking for from it. Too many people have ruined it for the genuine ones which make people wary.

I have taken it upon myself to normalise online dating whether it be with my single 33 year old sister in law or recomending it to my 70 year old widowed neighbour.

My neighbour who will remain unnamed has always thought that after the death of her husband 20, yes 20 years ago that that’s it. She thought her time was done with love and you are suppose to have one husband and one only.

Yes that’s generally the idea if your husband is alive and kicking and your in a committed relationship but if they have passed. Who says you can’t love again.

Imagine if the boot was on the other foot and you passed away and your widowed husband was lonely, sad and not really enjoying life. Would you not rather he find happiness in someone that comes his way? Enjoy the last of his years in happiness.

Others May worry what their family and friends may think, but who are they to judge when your alone 24 hours a day. If you have that kind of relationship with your family just speak to them. You may be surprised how happy they would be for you to find someone to spend your days with.

Remember the saying- your only as old as the person your feeling wink wink. You could feel 30 again in an instant!

Not everything is sex orientated. You could be looking for companionship, friendship and affection. There are so many senior dating online that it is more common now then ever.

When I helped my neighbour set up her profile I gave her 3 words of advice, and as my readers and friends i’m giving the same to you.


Be open and honest. If someone is asking you for something your not willing to give or not interested in just tell them. Don’t waste your time or theirs.


Take real photos. No catfish photos needed when your a senior citizen you are going to have lumps and bumps, wrinkles and rolls. Its all part and parcel of the way of live. Super model seniors are few and far between and that is not realistic.


Be safe- Always meet in an open public place and make sure someone knows where you are. Not matter how old you are, safety is key.

Its all well and good saying you old enough and silly enough- well you old silly self is loved by someone in this world so take care of yourself and if your lucky enough to hit it off, be safe in the bedroom too wink wink.

Ode to Moving On

I found this poem on the world wide web and I think it somes up moving on after death perfectly.

All I wanted
Was to spend more time
With you
But what I got
Was only a precious few
At least I tried
To make the most
Of what was left
Plans diverted
Too many hurdles
Never made it
To desired stage
Sorry, not much choice
Although it hurts
Life must go on now
Even without you
I must continue
The life that never was
And forged ahead
 a new path
Guided by your
Eternal light
And undoubting love
Forever you are always in our hearts.

by Nick Alcantara

So what have you got to lose whether want you to be a my cougar dates or just find someone you have common ground with check out the sites within this post you wont be disappointed. Here is a snippet from site mentioned which sums up everything you can expect.

Trying Senior Dating For The First Time?

Are you one of the senior singles who are just trying to get back into the dating world to meet a new partner? Contrary to popular belief that older people are no longer involved in the dating world, a good number of seniors these days take part in online dating by joining senior dating sites. In reality, dating for seniors is not much different than younger dating. Even though you may be older, we all desire companionship, and there is no reason to avoid dating being of some misguided view that dating is for young people. Moreover, you’re at an age wherein you can easily communicate with other people and make new acquaintances easily, so there’s really no reason why you should stop looking for a new person whom you can start a relationship with.

So why not stop questioning and start chatting

Remember if you know a widowed lady, maybe show her the light at the end of the tunnel




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