Making A House A Home with Art

When we first moved into our home over 12 years ago it was a brand new build of a home with freshly plastered and painted walls and I didn’t feel I was ready to cover that over with wall paper straight away.

So we lived the whole neutral house style for a while with white and magnolia walls every where in our home.

We compromised and found some amazing wall art to compliment our home and do you know why I loved that more than any wall paper I could lay my eyes on? Because I could change the art as frequently as I liked without damaging my lovely smooth walls.

Keeping it Clean

My husband soon tired of the clean plain home and wanted to spice it up with some colour and life into our home. I however still didn’t want to cover the walls in paper.

Sad I know but hey it’s what I like. Who knew there was such a mind field of options out there from posters, prints, tapestry’s, canvas and wall Hangings the list is endless.

The Personal Touch

For our living room we decided on an array of personalised canvas prints of the children, after all everyone loves a good family photo don’t they. These canvas would stand the test of time more and a print that would get thrown in a shoe box too I’m sure.

For our down stairs bathroom I went for a super quirky feel with some Art prints of slogans and sayings. After all everyone loved a read on the loo don’t they, or is that just me haha.

I love super unique unusual prints that will raise a smile or get people talking. We chose to make our down stairs loo a bit of an inspirational quote zone with beautiful prints like these.

With quotes and slogan wall art I feel you can get away with a whole host of colours and designs there doesn’t need to be a matchy matchy theme which was hard for my eye to work with as I like uniform but it really works.

I’m curious, if you had a blank canvas of a home and didn’t want wall paper only Art to decorate it with. What would you choose?

We are re doing my sons bedroom in the new year and thinking of a bedroom mural wall sticker! I will keep you updated on the progress.

Before I sign off here is a Christmas photo to make you smile , I will be getting this on canvas for family members this year too.


T xxx