I’m Feeling Blooming Festive: Prestige Flowers

A Very Prestige Christmas

What makes you feel more ready for the festive period then a bunch of beautiful flowers that scream Christmas to adorn your home.

I purchase myself bunches of flowers weekly as love the look of them on my mantle or dining room table, but if I am honest they are usually a couple of pound bunches from the local supermarket.

This year for Christmas I have an extra special array in my house and I could not be happier.

When Prestige Flowers asked if I would like some of their flowers in my home this year I Jumped at the chance.

I am not going to lie my expectation of posted flowers was quite minimal as I don’t hold high hopes of royal mail looking after a posted letter never mind a fragile parcel. Thanks to the amazing packaging from Prestige my flowers arrived in immaculate condition.


Blooming Impressed

They arrived in a large box which was well signed that it was flower, fragile and to remain upright and the postman actually obeyed the box haha. May I add that this was even after a drive around in postman pats van and then back to the depot and loaded into the holding bay as I was not home at the time of delivery so needed to collect the following day.

I received a Christmas collection bouquet which included a beautiful strong glass vase emblazoned with Prestige Flowers. Also in the box was a lovely treat of some lovely British crafted chocolates which was a great addition.

These flowers in my opinion are an absolute bargain for what you get. The bloom is beautifully full with wrapping in the appropriate theme. I have wrote this post a while after I received the flowers as I wanted to give a true reflection of how long they last. I can gladly say that 10 days later and these beauties are still going strong. The berries and sticks really add to the festive feel for me and I could not be happier.

So much so I have ordered bunches for my Grandma and Mum for Christmas treats.

If you want to send flowers to loved one but maybe don’t live near them or want them delivered as a surprise I would genuinely say you can rely on Prestige Flowers to deliver them perfectly for you.

Do you ever treat yourself to flowers or rely on others?




Still struggling with gifts for the females in your life for Christmas? Look no further.

*** This is a collaborative post but all views are honest and my own***