Essential Tips for Designing the Bathroom

Its coming up ten years in March since we moved into our current home and with that in mind I have possibly wanted to update the bathroom for the last 5 years.

After having children and being on maternity leave funds become stretched and prioritised.Since returning to work and starting a business the funds are slowly becoming available to make this happen. Here I share with you essentials tips for designing a bathroom.7

Make A Plan

I am for sure one of the fly by the seat of my pants people. I make purchases without a second thought and don’t do enough research generally. That being said home renovations and bathrooms in particular can be quite costly, so planning for this one is key.

Visit A Showroom

Find a showroom who stock the types of styles and brands you are looking to incorporate and visit their showroom. If your close to Harrogate why not Visit Bathroom showroom in Harrogate. Showrooms offer great inspirations and ideas into what the whole completed project could look like as well as a feel for if you like it on a larger scale than a flat lay picture.

If your a shower person check out Insignia Shower Cabins for some great inspiration.

Modern Living

Choose a style of bathroom that’s as modern so if won’t feel out dated just a few years down the line. A purchase as big as this you want it to last a fair while. Choose whats right for you and your long term needs.

Set A Budget

We all know one of the most common falls outs between partners is the money. Set yourselves a maximum budget that you can comfortably afford and agree together that you will not exceed that.


If you are handy and can do a few things around the home yourself, do it. Its surprising the amount of costs of renovations that can purely be made up of the labour charges. As long as it’s not something that will cost you a tonne to repair if it goes wrong, I am all for a bit of DIY.

Utilise Space

Make sure you make the most of the space you have to work with. I found the best way to do this was to have a play around on an app when you can get the blank lay out of the room and move around all the fixtures and fitting you want to have on the plan.

Storage Is Key

I find storage makes miles of difference to a bathroom being cluttered or clear. There are some great storage solutions available whether it be some space-saving hooks on the back of a door, to an under sink cupboard. Work out what storage you need in terms of what you have to keep in the bathroom. TIP – I keep all toiletries in my dressing room so as not to have a “busy” bathroom.

Trust The Trader

If you do need to hire in a professional make sure you gather numerous quotes and really get a feel for the person. After all they will be making your dream a reality and getting paid a hefty sum for doing so. We have all seen cowboy builders haven’t we so please go about hiring a skilled trades person down the correct avenues.

If you have updated your bathroom what tips would you give me?




*** This is a collaboration post***