Spending Time With Loved Ones Before Baby #2

I can’t believe that I am already saying this, but my maternity leave has started whooooohoooooo.

Early but Okay

I’ve had a few comments from people mentioning how early I have left work this time but my body was telling me I am ready. I work an office job 9-5 and sitting all day long was killing me, as well as the constant sickness, heartburn and other aliments that come with being old, fat and pregnant lol.

So ive bitten the bullet and finished approx 7 weeks before baby #2 is due- but Baby P was born at 37 weeks, so does that mean I could have a baby in 4 weeks arghhhhhhh. That cannot be right as I am certainly not prepared.

What is it about baby number 1 that as soon as you have the reassurance scan at 12 weeks you go all hell for leather buying everything and anything and baby number 2 gets put on the back burner until the last minute. Maybe its because subconsciously we know what we actually need this time round and whats a waste of money.

Keep your eyes peeled for a blog which will be outlining exactly what i think we need this time around and see if you parents agree.

But for now on these last precious weeks as a family of 3 and as a friend that can go out relatively when ever I want, I want to spend some fun times with family and friends making some memories before the tiredness and hard work kicks in again.

Me and my sister in law have a yearly visit to London to catch a show and eat some great food, I remember when I was pregnant with P it was exhausting but so much fun and just what I needed before becoming a mum.  I have found some awesome priced tickets for shows that we want to watch such as Hairspray and 9-5 on this great Ticket site. Check them out here to see what you could watch for a great price.

Last time we visited we were lucky enough to buy bargain tickets but get upgraded to front row seats for free due to the time of year and the theatres current booking arrangement- so who knows this could happen again!! Fingers crossed.

Whats your favourite show to watch in the West End? I love the theatre star Carrie Hope Fletcher but Les Mis has never really caught my eye and that is what she is currently staring in- but if this is your cup of tea they have tickets available for this too.

Don’t worry if musical theatre is not your thing either, they cater for much more. They have comedian shows, circus tickets ( my sons particular favourite thing to do right now) and water parks!

If you are taking kids to London with you check out my previous post on things you can do with them.




*** This is a collaboration post but all views are honest and my own ***