My First, My Last, My Everything

Get Hitched

Wedding season is upon us again and it’s seems to come around quicker every year. The adverts for wedding fayres and people advertising their unique services are everywhere.

If I could plan a wedding I would go whole hog. After all you only do it once( if your lucky)

Wedding planning can be hard work, stressful and damn expensive so if your planning your nuptials click here to plan your celebration in style.

Afterall no one loves a Bridezilla.

My dream wedding would consist of a super small ceremony I’m talking like 20 people max, outdoors in August.The guests would be sitting on hay bales in a field of flowers…. a bit boho.

My dress would be unconventional something off the shoulder and more cocktail length. The food would be a hog roast. I’m not one for formal sit down meals.

The party would be in the style of a circus with magicians, performers, dancers and more. I want everyone to be wowed.

But in the mean time….

My relationship has been great and strong for over 10 years and I’m a true believer that if something isn’t broken don’t try and fix it.

Saying that I am all for people who want to get married to dive in and go for it you only live once and if you find someone who it’s your other half, the ying to your yang, the chicken to you curry. Marry them if it makes you happy.

On the flip side of the coin the divorce rate in the UK is forever growing and marriages seem to have a long less longevity then they did say 50 years ago. Peters and May suggests for any help and advice regarding divorce, family law and more getting in contact with them. Things change for some people once married- don’t feel trapped , know your rights!

Here are a few on both sides of the Spectrim that I believe changes in a relationship once you’re married.

The Sex

Now this is a controversial one, some people believe the sex gets better as you get more comfortable and learn to explore different fantasies together. Some believe it gets worse as you know that your together for every and just settle for the usual fumble. I believe that sex gets better with marriage trust in the person and are willing to try more things, so you know they are less likely to run and brag to friends about there wife.


Some people would say after marriage an element of control comes into the relationship almost like an ownership. If you have found the right person this should never be the case. The only control you should feel is that you are both in control and you can control your own destiny. If you are a newly wed, don’t control your partner it won’t end well.


After marriage I find that you both find your own role and responsibilities within the home and relationship. Work out who likes doing what and split the chores no one likes doing. We have a perfect harmony in our house because of this and means everything gets done.

So if there are 3 things I could say that will help you have a long and happy marriage it’s keep the sex alive, don’t control your partner and know your bloody role lol.

What would you say changes after marriage?




*** This is a Collaboration post but all content is honest and my own***