5 Ways My Body Has Changed Since Having A Child

Since having Parker nearly 3 years ago, wow I didn’t realise how close he was to being 3 until I said that out loud I have noticed so many changes with my body.

I am interested to know if any of you have suffered from any of the same effects or have any other weird and wonderful things as a result of child birth, because I have PCOS I wonder if I am a bit different to a usual post labour lady.

So here are my 10 Body changes since becoming a mum.

#1 Weak Bladder

This is something that hinders me everyday whether I laugh,cough, sneeze or jump my bladder is totally weakened and this can sometimes cause embarrassment- especially right now as I am struggling with a cold. My solution- Tena Lady lol.

#2 Poor Skin

I never had break outs in my teens or pre pregnancy but these days I have alot of chin spots. My solution- plenty of heavy duty make up

#3 Hair Loss

This wouldn’t be an issue if it was body hair, but its head hair and I would quite like to keep that but since having P my daily hairbrusing session brings out clumps of hair- My solution which could be an option¬†Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Treatment

#4 Light Sleeper

I think this will happen to most mums as you are always on alert incase your child is poorly or needs you in the night. I am guilty of this even when P sleeps out for the night. My Solution- Early nights and daytime naps where possible.

#5 Brittle Nails

Alot of people say nails get better with pregnancy, which they did but post birth they were so brittle and weak and have continued to be. My solution- Gel nail polish.

What happened to you or your partner’s body functions post birth and are they still suffering today?




**** This is a collaboration post but all views are honest and my own and written in my own words***