Toddler Tuesday: Googly Fruit Organic

Picnic In the Park

While I have 5 minutes and Parker is asleep after a busy morning running around the splash pad at our local National trust centre, I thought I would take this moment to share with you something that we have just enjoyed in our packed lunch as well as with lunches all last week- Googly Fruit.

When Googly Fruit approached us and asked if we would like a goody bag of items to try I jumped at the chance. Parker can be super fussy but he is more likely to try something If they look appealing.

Special Package

The package that we received was super cute! It included a hardback book about Googly fruit which P loved and a few packs of Googly eyes so we could make our own fresh fruit look Googly which was super fun.

The range includes puff type crisps, squeezey fruit and veg pouches and freeze dried fruits.

The packaging is fab and really draws the kids in to try and I can safely say Parker loves them all.

The puffs have to be his favourite he loves how crunchy and flavourful they are and he has no idea that they have hidden veg, The freeze dried fruit was next in line and the strawberry were the ones he asked for time after time and my mum even said she tried them and would love to have an experiment with some in the baking! Lastly was the pouches and this was nothing to do with taste, for some reason Parker associates the pouches with younger children and babies so he enjoyed these squeezed into his cup with some ice, Pretty much like a smoothie.

Over all I give Googly Fruit

I am super happy that Superdrug stock Googly fruit as I know they are going to be a stable cupboard purchase for us.

Have you tried these before or do you have another snack thats your go to that maybe I can try too?