Parker’s 3rd Birthday Gift Guide

I can’t believe I am saying this but my baby, my one and only son is 3 years old. Time does really fly when you have kids but you don’t quite believe it until you see it.

Finding gifts for a 3 year old was no easy feat, but I am super happy with what we did buy and most importantly so was Parker too.

Chicco Hopscotch Play Mat 

Parker really loved this mat but if I am honest it maybe was a little bit young for him, even though he is well within the age range of it. I expected a lot more from the mat then what it did.

Pretty self explanatory roll the dice, jump the spots and they make sounds weather it be music or counting.

An over all well made mat but I would say an age range of 1-3 years.

Marble Run

My nephew had marble run out when P was around to play one day and he absolutely loved it. Yes the age range is 4 plus, but I would say if your confident your child won’t put things in their mouth you will be fine.

I initally bought a cheaper version but soon regretted it as it was flimsy and not well made. The Galt marble run is super sturdy, well made hours of fun. Even us grown ups love sending the marbles off on the twisty, turny track.

Doggie Doo

When a friend of the family turned up with what P calls Doggie Poo I thought what the hell. Well I have never laughed so much at a kids game. Flick the spinner and squeeze the lead the amount of times you spun. If your unlucky the dog will shoot out a big poop. Hours of fun, not to mention the loud farting noises will sure raise a giggle.

Playmobil Playground

P has been getting super into Playmobil just lately so we bought this set to add to his collection. Hours of fun to be had with a swing, slide, climbing frame, round about and rocking horse. Playmobil is so well made and will last a lifetime. The only downside is all the tiny flowers all the sets seem to have kids just lose them in an instant.

PhotoBox My First Photo Book

What child doesn’t love looking at themselves? We got this amazing hardback board book from Photobox which is a great momento.

We have called it Parker’s Summer 2018 as we are that impressed we plan to get him one every year. The photos are glossy and high quality and the book is fantastic quality. It houses many pictures and you can add captions if you want to.

I kept it plain and simple with photos of his favourite people and things he has done this year.

Highly recommend this book for any age as what a great gift to look back on.

What would you buy a 3 year old?




*** This is a collaboration post***