Beware the Impending Christmas Body Fat

We are all guilty of it, we have all fallen victim of it and we are all going to be faced with that Christmas dinner and snacks and treats around the house that are going to give post Christmas fatigue and weight gain.

It’s a real world problem for those who succumb to it and it takes double the effort to lose it, especially when the weather is against you. This Christmas will still require the regular exercise and healthy eating to keep yourself from developing a belly Saint Nick would be proud of. By giving yourself a focus on weight loss during this period, you can gain visible changes quite quickly without requiring doubling up on the workouts.

What is also of interest is the extra hidden changes that maintaining a healthy exercise and eating regime can have on your body and mental health during the festive season.

Reducing Pain in Joints

The pressure of extra weight gain carries extra stress on your knees and hips opening a pathway to aches and pains.

By continuing a daily exercise by even so much as a half hour to an hour each day you boost production of fluids which keep your joints lubricated. The loss of this fluid by interrupting your exercise leads to pains which add emphasis on skipping even more, so it is important to relieve it with as much exercise as possible which also gives you a healthy mindset. If you feel good, you think good.

Regular walking during this period also improves weight loss and joint strength, especially with some stretching exercises of joints prior to the walk.

Blood Pressure Ease

As we get older, the risk of high blood pressure becomes more of an issue which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Those overweight are more prone to these risks than any other.

By undertaking regular exercise during this period you makeyour heart stronger which is able to pump blood with minimal effort and decrease artery pressure. This also decreases the requirement for medication.

In working out and losing excess weight, your blood pressure lowers as a result. For every two pounds of weight you lose you lose around one point in systolic pressure, providing a healthy blood pressure.

Reducing the Diabetes Risk

Extra weight around the waist provides an avenue for fat to build up around your pancreas and other organs. 

This can instill an insulin resilience providing an increase in blood sugar levels, which in time leads to serious health problems. By maintaining a healthy exercise routine, the advent of developing type 2 diabetes is reduced greatly. Even those already diagnosed can see their diabetes put in remission as a result. 

By regular dedicated working out you reduce the risk of complications.

On top of these areas you can gain improved sleep patterns and improved mental wellbeing by dedicating a regular workout during  the winter festive months, with those undertaking a fitness instructor course to help them gain a drive to help others during these times when that extra turkey leg proves too much a temptation.

For those dedicating their love of fitness into a fitness instructor courses Plymouth, a great opportunity presents itself to retain a love of fitness and a drive to get through the most difficult months to keep up with healthy lifestyles in body and mind.


T xx