Dress To Impress

Too many people spend hundreds of pounds on a dress whether it be for a wedding, a prom, the races, a christening or any other occasion with out having being 100% happy with there choice.

Here is my guide of what to look for in a dress you are planning on investing in so that you get something you truly love.


Set yourself a budget and stick to it. Its very easy to be blind sided when you go into a store and a shop assistant is waving bling under your nose that your hand may be forced to spend an extra £100/ £200 which you would soon regret.

My advice would be to withdraw the exact amount of cash you are willing to part with and leave the bank card at home. That way no extra can be spent.

Choose to Reuse

When we go out and choose to spend £100 on a coat, we don’t buy it with the intention to wear it once, do we? So why do that with a dress. As I have got older I am definitely getting wiser. Choose a dress that you can wear to multiple occasions ( Unless its your wedding and going to be in the wedding photos haha)

If you are super paranoid about wearing the same outfit twice incase you see the same people again and look cheap, get one that can be altered or you can add bits too. I have done this on multiple occasions now and never has anyone pulled me up on it.

Go on try it, I dare you.

Comfort is Key

How many of us squeeze our bums and tums into things that are really not comfy? I have gone many a wedding do or christening without eating so much as the table shared salty peanuts because I was too scared that I would explode out of my dress.

Take from my advice its not worth it, get comfy and enjoy everything on offer whether it be bouncing around on a bouncy castle or eating 3 slices of wedding cake. If you need to get the next size up or an elasticated waste- do it. Why not try something like https://www.promdressfinder.co.uk/ to help find something with all your requirements and comfort too.

Mix and Match

I used to always think it was gospel that If I wore a black dress that I needed black shoes and black bag to match. Well don’t I look a wally. This is no longer the case and probably never has been. The amount of plain outfits I have seen dressed up with a pop of colour in the bags and shoes is amazing. Since I am the queen of black clothing (P even calls me the black widow) I have taken a real leaf out of this book. So much so that I no longer own black shoes and bags. For me right now its all about nudes, pinks and grey pops of colour.

Clean And Tidy

If you do chose to spend and obscene amount of money on a dress and never wear it again. Why not get it dry cleaned and sell it as a preloved item. No point it gathering dust in your wardrobe hey.

Do you have a budget that you would spend on a special occasion dress?

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*** This is a collaboration post but all views are honest and my own***