5 Ways to Update A Dressing Room

Ive had a dressing room for many years now and its a god send, keeping all my clothes, shoes and accessories all in one place makes me feel more organised.

That being said I have not updated the room in the last 5 years. This summer I decided to update a room a month in my house, last month was my bathroom. The post on this is still to follow- oops naughty me.

Here is the 5 ways I am going to update my dressing room-


I am really into mirrored furniture right now they look so elegant and modern, as well as making spaces look bigger. I have found Dunelm have a great range at really reasonable prices. Someone remind me in a few months time when I am moaning about polishing them just how much I wanted them.

Wall Mural

After researching for days on end different types of paint and wall paper I have discovered the amazing beauty of Wall Murals. Why I have I not discovered these until now?  The choice is endless. They are made to measure and come with a step by step guide of how to install and the impact they have on a room is amazing. After wanting 101 different ones I finally fell in love with a gorgeous floral mural this is going to be a feature wall that gets all the girls talking.


After years of foundation splashes and mascara swipes I am finally making the move to wood flooring. Gone are the days are scrubbing at stain a simple mop is all it will need. Not to mention super clean for my potty training son who likes to christen all floors.I am really loving the grey woods right now and have found some lovely laminate options. The difficult decision is going to be which to choose.

If changing the whole floor maybe isn’t an option or you, maybe if you live in rented accommodation modern rugs is an alternate option and can make as much of an impact on a room as new floor.

Mirror Image

Being a girl who loves make up, a mirror is super important. Sometimes I need to get ready at silly oclock in the morning and need great lighting. So I have found the perfect solution a light up make up mirror.


Last but not least I will be replacing my blinds. I wanted something classic and understated after all I have the amazing mural wall which I don’t want to distract away from. There are some lovely yet affordable blind available but I am loving the sleek Linen blinds.

Do you have a dressing room? If so what would you update?




*** This is a collaboration post***