Getting My Smile Wedding Season Ready

This year seems to be the arrival of a wedding boom. I’ve had more invites this year alone then all of my adult life so far. 5 weddings!

Say cheese

That’s a lot of photos. One of my biggest down falls on photos it’s not having the sparkliest smile compared to my brother in laws auntie half removed sister lol.

When researching I found many options for getting the glow back to my smile

The option I chose was teeth whitening strips because of their fast acting formula, ease of use, the fact they are peroxide free and you get professional results.

I wanted the professional results but at home at the fraction of this cost as well as being enamel friendly and these charcoal teeth whitening products certainly did that. You can get 10% off at Amazon with the code WHITENING

Here is a picture of before, during and after of my teeth for you to compare.

Simply use the strips with these few simple steps

  • Open one packet to reveal your two teeth whitening strips (one for top one for bottom)
  • Throughly dry your teeth to enable good adhesion
  • Apply the strips to your teeth starting lower set first ( obscurely shapes strip)
  • Leave strips on your teeth for 30 minutes while avoiding eating and drinking.

  • After 30 minutes remove strips and discard of appropriately.
  • Brush your teeth to remove any excess residue.
  • Repeat the process every day for 2 weeks

My Thoughts

Overall I’m super impressed with the whitening strips. My first attempt was pretty awkward if I’m being honest but I soon got the hang of it.

To the touch the strips don’t feel overly sticky but they do leave a black mark from the charcoal on the skin if they happen to stick to you, obviously this is a natural ingredient and easily washed off.

The comfort of wearing the strips for 30 minutes a day really surprised me. They are soft and flexible so allow you to still talk and open and close your mouth as normal. I know other brands often have a ridged sharpe edge strip which can’t be since. 5/5 for comfort on these.

Considering the charcoal ingredient the strips didn’t taste terrible of even remotely bad. I would say they resemble the taste of a natural toothpaste.

While wearing the strips I felt a mild tingling sensation which I only saw as a positive as it was an indication the product was working.

The removal of strips was super easy. Simply head to the sink slowly peel off the strips from the teeth and give them a good brush with your everyday toothpaste.

The results

Without a doubt I’m so impressed with these strips.

I think these results at a dentist would cost £300+ at least. I would throughly recommend anyone who is considering a whitening treatment first to try this strips for the fraction of the price soon. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

What is your preferred teeth whitening Method?




*** This is a gifted and sponsored collaboration but all views are honest and my own***