What Pushchair should I choose next?

The time has possibly come for me to kiss goodbye to my travel system pram and pushchair and change for a more light weight compact stroller type pushchair.

But the problem is I don’t know if I am ready to cut the ties and change.

I have had so many great memories with this pram from bringing Parker home from hospital, to his first walk and the first time he went into “the big boy seat”

I currently have the Cosatto Giggle All Star

This has been a fantastic pram my only criticism would be that due to it being an older model the car seat for this specification is no longer available.

So i bought the newer model car seat and just carried it into shops when needed which was totally fine when i only had one child, if I had 2 children, No chance!

I am a big Cosatto fan I absolutely love there prints.

Over all a great all rounder a comfy seat, great stand out pattern which im a sucker for. The frame is sturdy but the same as 99% of prams has cosmetic scratches from getting in and out of the boot.

I would give this pram a 9/10.

So here are the prams I am currently undecided on:

My Babiie MB30 

I love the summer pastel colours of this pushchair it looks sturdy and comfy and for some reason I am drawn to pushchairs which have the bar across the front, maybe because Parker likes to lean forward and hold on to them and not forgetting wipe his grubby paw on it haha.

This range has been developed by Sam and Billie Faires so that may help as to why I like it as i’m a huge TOWIE fan.

Mamas and Papas Argo in Teal

This puschair is a lot more muted in colour then i’m used to but maybe that’s not a bad thing as after all mucky paws make marks on the light colours very easily.

Also this doesn’t have the across the front bar I was talking about but its something about the wheels that I like and the basket looks a lot more compact too.

Alot of my friends swear by Mamas and Papas.

Which pushchairs do you lovely lot have for your toddlers and which would you recommend?

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